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SPS System

Our 83 gallon, small polyp stony coral system is loading with high end SPS frags. It shares it's custom built sump with a packed-out 35 gallon show tank that drains through a 20 gallon refugium. In total, this system holds approximately 158 gallons of water. It is lit by four EcoTech Marine Radion XR30 G4 Pro LED lights, monitered and dosed through an Neptune APEX system, and skimmed with a Vertex Omega protein skimmer.

Show Tank

The custom 392 gallon show tank is a mixed reef aquarium home to a horde of 40 beautiful fish and many corals. Flow is generated by two powerful Ecotech MP60 wavemakers and corals are lit by five EcoTech Marine Radion XR30 G4 Pro LED lights. Many rare and stunning corals flourish in this aquarium including a large grafted montipora. You'll find a magnificent Sohal Tang and a female Feminus Wrasse swimming amongst the schools of damsels, anthias, tangs and other incredible fish. Additional inhabitants include a massive zebra moray and blue linkia starfish.

Seahorse Tank

The first thing you'll see when entering Blue Fish Aquariums is our lively 55 gallon seahorse system. This aquarium is home to a number of fish and corals, including seahorses, shrimpfish, ochrestriped cardinalfish, mushrooms, sponges, gorgonians and a shy lobster named Billy.

Reef System 1

Our local Gem Tang, Achilles Tang and many other wonderful fish inhabit this multi-tank reef system, which holds a sum-total of 650 gallons of water. With six 40 gallon breeder aquariums and a 200 gallon frag tank, the vast majority of corals in this system are for sale. A 30 gallon extra tall, mixed reef display tank is linked into the mix for your viewing pleasure. This system also includes a large refugium that has been known to house Dragon Eels.

Reef System 2

Reef System 2 is comprised of a 3-tier stack of invert aquariums, two look down frag tanks and a funk-tacular cubic overflow display tank. Most of our zoanthids, euphyllias and fungias can be found in the look down frag tanks in this system.

Fish System

Our modest 1600 gallon fish system resides in the back of the store behind the main show tank. It is comprised of 51 holding tanks for fish waiting to be purchased and placed in your aquarium. The systems drain into the basement where water passes through 16 filter socks and a number of skimmers and reactors before cleaned water is pumped back up into the store.

Grow Facilites

In addition to the fish system filtration equiptment, our basement currently contains seven large fiberglass grow vats intended for aquaculturing corals.