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Establishing Ourselves in the Saltwater Aquarium Industry

Ryan with the well-known marine aquarium pioneer Julian Sprung at MACNA, 2016

At Blue Fish Aquariums, we are serious about being on the cutting edge of the saltwater aquarium industry. We enjoy meeting with highly experienced industry experts and broadening our knowledge on the field. We have a great deal of experience in industry research and networking. Our brick-and-morter store carries product from the many of the most well-known and highly regarded saltwater aquarium product manufactures and our employees are well-versed in using these products.

While we can't possibly know exactly what the future holds for us, we do know that we'll continue to be a part of the saltwater aquarium industry. We also know that we'll continue to work hard in order to occupy a more prominent role in the industry that we love.

Erica, Ryan and Jeff with the Bubble Magus crew - MACNA 2016
Ryan, Erica and Jeff with the creator of New Life SPECTRUM fish foods - MACNA 2016
Ryan and his wife, Jessica, with the General from Tanked rocking a Blue Fish Aquariums t-shirt!