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Armor of God Zoanthid: Zoanthus sp. - Live Coral For Sale

* Purchased item is not guarenteed to be the exact specimen shown in photo. Frags may show variations in color and growth patterns.

Armor of God Zoanthid

Zoanthus sp.

These Armor of God zoanthids are infused by the heavens with pigment-free tentacles, striated, electric orange oral disks and light purple polyp mouths.

Care Requirements:

  • medium light
  • medium flow

$25.00 for 2 -3 polyps


Zoanthids and Palythoas exist in a seemingly unlimited number of color combinations. Often, the coloration is described in terms of mouths, oral discs, and skirts (or tentacles). There is a mouth at at the center of each polyp, the oral disc surrounds the mouth, and tentacles border the circumference of the polyp.

Zoanthid and Palythoa care is relatively easy. They do not demand high light nor high flow. In fact, unless they are slowly acclimated to the former conditions, it is best to keep them under moderate lighting and in areas of low to moderate flow. High turbulence my cause polyps to remain closed.

CAUTION is advised when dealing with zoas and palys, especially when fragging (cutting apart) large colonies into smaller colonies. Some species are known to release a toxin, called palytoxin, which can be harmful to inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as humans and other animals.
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