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Electric Green Hammer: BFAS4050 - Live Coral For Sale

* Purchased item is not guarenteed to be the exact specimen shown in photo. Frags may show variations in color and growth patterns.

Electric Green Hammer


The Hammer coral gets its name from the hammer or anchor shape of its tentacles. During the day the tentacles are extended and provide nice movement to the reef which is much like the movement you would normally find only in soft corals. On top of the nice movement the tentacles fluoresce under actinic lighting adding vibrant color to the reef. Hammer corals come in a variety of colors some of the most common are brown, purple tentacles with green tips, and green tentacles with pink tips. Also found but a tad more rare are green tentacles with purple tips, orange tentacles, all purple, or a light peach color.

Care Requirements:

  • medium light
  • medium flow

$30.00 for Per Head


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